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Aylsham Quakers aim to provide a community service which will reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles consumed, offer eco-friendly cleaning products at wholesale cost price, and raise funds for local charities.


At the Farmers’ Market, in the town square


The first Saturday of each month, from 9-11 am, starting from July 3rd 2021


We are running a re-fill station of Ecover and Alter/native by Suma (sustainable and ecological products)

We intend to supply the following items from 20 or 15 litre bags-in-boxes to fill plastic bottles or other suitable containers of any size that you will bring to the stall:

Washing up liquid

Non-bio Laundry liquid

Fabric Conditioner

All-purpose cleaner



Body wash

We’re collecting empty bottles for people to use to start with; if you use one, we’d ask for a small donation into our Food Bank collection tin.

For more details contact veronikagoodwin@gmail.com

Our aims

We hope to
• Reduce plastic waste
• Re-use “single use plastic” bottles
• Promote eco-friendly cleaning products at affordable prices
• Provide a not-for-profit programme that benefits the community
• Support the principles of Cittaslow


Quaker Advices and Queries 41:
“Try to live simply. A simple lifestyle freely chosen is a source of strength. Do not be persuaded into buying what you do not need or cannot afford. Do you keep yourself informed about the effects your style of living is having on the global economy and environment?”

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